Why tuition is needed for ICAS Exam?

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is widely accepted as a standard assessment test for students and schools. It is an assessment of skills rather than knowledge.

The ICAS exam is conducted in 20+ countries and millions of students give the international assessment exam to test their skills. It is an annual test and the subjects covered in the exams are:

• English
• Science
• Digital Technologies

The test papers are produced by a team of eminent assessment experts and psychometricians. Subject matter experts are involved to select questions and the assessment experts prepare test papers after a rigorous review of each question suggested by subject matter experts.

How ICAS is different from other assessment tests?

It is necessary to understand value of ICAS in order to prepare a detailed study plan to pass this test with good score. The assessment done is of skills and not the memory. While a regular test can be passed by improving memory and practice, ICAS requires skill development that is the basic thing in learning. The objective of the assessment is to identify capabilities of students and encourage them to do better in their studies.

Why ICAS is considered difficult?

It is difficult to pass because students are used to of the exams that test their memory power. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the students don’t understand the question pattern. They follow the traditional way of study and fail to perform in ICAS.

What is the secret of doing well in ICAS?

It is only with tuition that a student can do well in this international assessment test. It is only an experienced tutor that can provide real help with preparation of this difficult exam.

Steps for preparing the ICAS exam

1. Study the curriculum
2. Understand pattern of questions
3. Try solving the sample papers
4. Improve your results in sample papers
5. Focus more on skill than memory

How much time does a student need for preparing for ICAS exam?

Preparation for this exam should start well before time that is before sending your ICAS application. And you might need tuition for a month or more to get ready for the assessment test. It is only your tutor that can tell exactly how many study hours would you need to pass the test. The tutor would do a primary assessment to determine your preparedness for the exam.

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