Why Students Don’t Care About Their Reading Comprehension?

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“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”, Francis Bacon

How much do students read? VProgress asked its students to tell how much they read to let them understand value of reading and developing reading skills. 

Most students don’t read further than their text books and in text books, their focus remains on important topics. VProgress students admitted that they read whatever is necessary and for this reason tutors ask students to develop a liking for reading and improve their reading skills.

I decided to dedicate this blog to highlight reading skills and the advantage of reading for students.

What is your reading ability?

Since it isn’t directly related to your school grades, you won’t show much concern about your reading skills but once you know how it affects your school grades, you will become conscious about developing your reading skills.

The speed with which you can read, comprehend and interpret a text matter is your reading ability

The above definition of reading ability tells much about your intelligence level and ability to catch concepts fast. Exceptional reading skills could be quite helpful in assimilating and responding to written communications like answering questions during tests and completing assignments. 

There are four important aspects of reading comprehension


It is related to reading text matter loud and clear so that every word read is understandable. And it largely depends on your familiarity with the words read. The more familiar you are with words, the more fluent you are in reading a given text matter.


When you read a word, you look for its meaning in your memory and if the word is missing in your memory, you look for its meaning. In other words, a strong vocabulary could be helpful in improving reading comprehension but a weak vocabulary will be a handicap.


In addition to decoding words, you try inferring the right meaning of those words in sentences. You know that there has to be a sense in every sentence or group of words. It is a key point in connecting to the idea or information conveyed. 


Whatever information you get from your textbook has to be retained like a summary in your mind. And your retention power depends on all the above-mentioned factors. Those that are avid readers have no difficulty in retaining whatever they learn but others face difficulties in recalling what is learnt. 

You could be an intelligent student but reading little could be your handicap that could prevent you utilizing your intelligence to the full. On the other hand, an average student can do better by developing his reading skills.

Students could ask about how much they need reading to develop their reading skills and how do they know that their reading skills are excellent. 


You should start reading your text books and try understanding everything written in your school books. Initially, you will be slow in reading but gradually your reading comprehension will improve and you will see the result in the form of improved grades. 








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