Why Should Your Child Participate in ICAS Exam?

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2018 ICAS exam in NSW was special in the sense that Australia received the maximum number of medals in the Pacific Region. Australian students did fairly well in the annual ICAS exam and received 514 medals while New Zealand received and other Pacific Region got only 100 medals.

Medal is the highest award conferred by UNSW Global Assessments that conduct International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) test. There are five levels of distinctions but medal is awarded for outstanding performance in individual subjects.

Every student wants to do well in ICAS exam in NSW and the good thing about this exam is that it provides every student an opportunity to perform. Also, schools encourage students to appear in the exam and test their strength. This exam is the best tool available for schools and parents to choose right career-path for students. This tool assesses the learning and reasoning skills of students and not what they are taught.

The exam is conducted across 20 countries including USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australis. Since the test includes students from 20 different regions, the results provide great insights into how a student is doing; what his strengths are and his weak points are. It is an optional paper but crucial for career minded students.

Both primary and secondary students can participate in the international assessment test but not all schools participate in the exam. But parents are free to encourage their wards to sit in ICAS exam in NSW. Individual students can participate in the assessment test by filling a simple online form. Also, they can study for the test at home.

How to prepare for the difficult international assessment test?

It is only with hard work that a student can perform better in ICAS test. Students preparing for the exam join tuition centers that provide quality tuition for this test. Also, some students hire personal tutors to get ready for the assessment. How a student prepares for the test depends on his personal choice but it is found that students that take personal tuition do better than those that take no tuition.      

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