Why private tuition is a necessity for ICAS Science paper?

It is difficult to study ICAS Science alone. You need a very experienced and friendly tutor to prepare for this difficult exam that contains Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Ecology and Chemistry. ICAS is an international assessment exam and the level of questions in this exam is higher than that of academic questions.

A careful study of exam contents is sufficient to understand need for tuition:

a) Observing items and measuring their features and phenomenon. When you see a thing, you make an opinion on it on the basis of your findings guided by your knowledge on that thing. It is only a tutor that can broaden your perspective of observing and measuring things.

b) Interpreting diagrams, tables and graphs becomes a puzzle in the absence of guidance. You can try solving a diagram or table from an ICAS science past paper to understand value of tuition.

c) Inferring data and making predictions and conclusions about data before applying. The data comes from different sources and in different formats like graphs and tables. It is called data application and it can consume much of your precious study time, if you try understanding it alone.

d) Investigating designs to find their controls and testing their strengths. It could be the most difficult part of ICAS Science paper preparation as you have to do complete operation of a given design. If you lack knowledge of the design, you won’t be able to understand its control and test its functionality. But an experienced tutor can help in understanding and investigating designs.

e) Reasoning and problem solving is a very interesting part of ICAS Science paper. And you can prepare this part on your own but having an experienced tutor to your side will be an added advantage. The tutor would save you time that you can use in strengthening the difficult parts of the exam.

f) Sample paper solving would show you how you are doing but a tutor can better understand the results of sample paper and guide you on ICAS Science paper preparation. There are many formats of sample tests like online test but no test paper guides on how to prepare. The tests only show your level of education.

g) Revision is an important part of exams but much time is lost in revisions especially when you forget a concept. But no such thing will happen, if you are taking tuition for the exam.

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