Why Is Tuition Necessary For Self-Study?

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Self-study is a great idea but it works well only when coupled with tuition. A tutor is needed to neutralize the disadvantages of self-studying. And if you aren’t aware about cons of self-study, you should go through this blog till end.

Cons of self-study

There is more trial and error

In order to become a teacher, you need having more information and knowledge on the topic you want to teach. In self-study, you become your teacher and experiment with trial and error as you have little to negligible information about the topic you are going to study.

Struggle with self-doubt

There is a clear lack of clarification in self-study. Who would you turn to clear doubts when you are your tutor? Having doubts would be like hitting a dead wall. You will need looking for sources of information to clear that doubt. Also, you will have to take the responsibility of reliability of your source of information.

Limited opinion

When you do self-study, you put yourself in an environment where you cut yourself from the outside world. You believe that what you are reading is right and you are doing good. And it could lead to self-complacency that is bad thing for a student.

No feedback

How would you check your progress during self-study? You can try sample tests available on the web. But a tutor can do a better job. He can give his inputs on your progress and suggest tips to boost your performance, ranking and grades in the long run.

Is self-study a bad thing?

It isn’t that self-study is bad for students but it works well only when coupled with tuition. You can practice self-study after attending tuition classes and you can do much better than you could only with tuition or self-study. For tuition, you can turn to VProgress and for self-study, you can turn to your inner voice.

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