Why ICAS Exam Needs No Preparation?

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What are the FAQs regarding ICAS Exam Preparation?

The UNSW Global website clearly mentions that there is little need for serious ICAS exam preparation and the reason given for this advice is the nature and objective of the test. It is an assessment of knowledge and skills and the assessment is through test papers.

Q: What does UNSW Global website mean with no preparation for ICAS exam?

A: It is expected that the students appearing for the exam are ready for the assessment. Students are advised to put more focus on collecting whatever knowledge they have. Also, the students are advised to take help from ICAS exam sample papers.

Q: How could previous year papers help in preparing for the assessment test?

A: Answer to this question lies in the answer to the first question. Assuming that the students have enough knowledge of the exam they are appearing for, they only need recollecting and revising whatever they have learned in their schools. And it is easier to hone your skills with sample papers.

Previous years papers would help in understanding the question format and the level of knowledge required to pass the test. Students can try completing sample papers in the given time and test their strength before the real assessment. UNSW Global provides sample test papers for preparation.

Q: Should students take tuition for ICAS?

A: It is a good question to ask because students feel nervous while preparing for the ICAS. Worried about assessment, they start ICAS exam preparation with their school books. Also, they read whatever reading material they find in the market and on the web. UNSW Global acts as a guide for students but having a personal tutor has many benefits.

  • Tutor monitors progress
  • He produces question papers for practice
  • He gives genuine feedback on results
  • He is the biggest and the most trustworthy source of information

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