Why do you need tuition for ICAS English test?

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ICAS English is a litmus test for students that want to test their ability in using English as international language. The test is all about capability of information in a text matter that could be anything from a short description to a lengthy review of a topic. And the text matter could be selected from book, diary, interview or comic writing. Also,it could be a poem or script of a play.

icas english test

Complexity of the text matter increases from year level from A to J. But the assessment remains similar and students are compared against their peers at the same level. The assessment is done for reading skills and the ability to interpret information described in the text.

What you need to pass ICAS English?

The answer is simple. You need reading a lot of text matter including books, articles, blogs and everything you get your hands on. Also, there should be someone to monitor your ability to read and interpret the text correctly. And it is only an experienced English comprehension tutor NSW that can provide real help in exam preparation.

A tutor can help in ICAS English preparation in the following ways:

1 Selecting text matter for reading

You know you need reading a lot but it should be guided to pass the international assessment. Information regarding what to read is available online but it is only a tutor that can suggest reading material for the exam.

2 Making reading interesting

Simply reading the text matter won’t help in the exam preparation. The reading has to be interesting only then you will be able to understand the text and interpret it in your words. An experienced English comprehension tutor NSW would know how to make reading interesting.

3 Monitoring performance

Reading text is a part of exam preparation and the general rule of exam preparation is that it has to be monitored. How would you know you are reading well and interpreting text matters in an error free manner? If you have a tutor, you will get weekly report on the run-up to the ICAS English test.

4 Providing support

ICAS is international assessment hence difficult to crack without any support system. Your parents could become your support system but they could provide little help because of lack of knowledge. On the contrary, an English comprehension tutor NSW can provide quality support using his knowledge and experience in the subject.

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