Why Are Children Running Away From Maths?

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Back in 2014, a report in Financial Review dragged attention of parents towards students’ declining interest in maths. Titled “Australia’s maths crisis”, the report said that only one in ten students studied advance maths in Year 12 in 2013. 

So, how is this report relevant today?

As a parent, you can say that your child is studying mathematics in school but are you sure that he finds maths interesting. VProgress can see that more and more parents and students are looking for maths tuition not out of interest but need.

If a similar study on maths is conducted today, the report will be similar to that of the Financial Review. Your child could also avoid maths in higher studies and there would be little that you could do to help your child in maths in his college days.

VProgress studied the report to find reasons for students developing disinterest in maths and found that students are ready to learn maths and some of them can even excel in this subject provided they get timely help like tuitions.


If your child gets tuition in maths, he is likely to develop an interest in the subject and could go on studying advance maths in his higher studies. But it is you who have to act first and fast. 

VProgress found that parents are ready to hire maths tutors, if they get tuition service at their terms and conditions. But most maths teachers charge high price and remain occupied most of the time. 

VProgress has some suggestions for maths tuition

Private teacher

It is simply the best option but the service comes at a high cost. A teacher would visit your home for one-on-one tuition and focus only on your child. But never mind, if you can’t afford private tuition as there are other options available.

Online tuition

Hiring an online tutor is a great option and cost effective as well as you can hire a teacher from a distant place. When you look for online tutors, you get more options and availability of more options allow more freedom in making the right choice.

Group tuition

If your child can study in a group, you can allow him join a group. It will be a cost-effective option but here the child will get limited attention.

Limited tuition

You can go for limited help like hiring a tutor only for exams. In this way, you will be able to save some money while allowing your child to learn maths from an experienced teacher. But it is useful only for privileged students.

VProgress is here to help, if you want to help your child in maths. It isn’t a difficult nut to crack but your child will require training to understand concepts, formulas and calculations. In maths, it is practice that makes students perfect. A tutor will practice your child until the child becomes perfect.

Visit VProgress for maths tuition. We have both private and online teachers. Also, you are free to negotiate charges and timings with our tutors that are one of the best in the country. 

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