What you can learn from ICAS Digital Technologies past papers?

ICAS Digital Technologies subject tries covering as much information as possible in the test paper. The questions are asked about the entire digital system with focus on data management. Students with good knowledge on uses of search engine, role of social media, style sheets, presentations and programming principles and concepts have good chances of doing well in the assessment test.

Understanding the question format

Students answer multiple choice questions in a given time and the number of questions and time increases with level. ICAS Digital Technologies has 8 levels from A-H. In level A, 30 multiple choice questions are to be answered in 30 minutes but in level H, there are 45 questions to solve in 45 minutes.

Preparation for the ICAS Digital Technologies Assessment Test

Starting with past papers is the most reliable way of ICAS Digital Technologies paper preparation. Past paper study helps in understanding the question format and the level of knowledge assessed. You can easily determine your present knowledge and ability to crack the test after going through past papers. A careful study of previous year papers would help in making a detailed plan for the test.

It’s how you should start your preparation

Step One: Try solving a past paper and solve the entire paper taking your time. Check the time taken in completing the paper and the number of correct questions.

Step Two: If you are taking more than the given time, you should try answering all the questions in time. Saving time should be your first objective.

Step Three: See the questions wrongly answered and find why you couldn’t give correct answers for those questions. Mark the areas of improvement and keep those topics on priority.

Step Four: Note the questions correctly answered and strengthen your knowledge on those questions so that you don’t miss those problems in the test.

When to start preparation for the test?

Ideally you should stay ready to appear for assessment as it is assessment of basic knowledge and not of academic understanding. But if you are serious about this paper then you should start preparation right after submitting your application for the assessment. Take any ICAS Digital Technologies past paper and start with your preparation with it.

You use Digital Technologies in your daily life. You are well aware with use of computers, applications and Internet. You only need recollecting your knowledge on IT to get ready for the assessment.

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