What Is Your Take On NAPLAN Test?

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VProgress supports NAPLAN and considers it necessary for students. But it has been criticized by interest groups like Literacy Educators Coalition for being fundamentally flawed. And media supports the criticism.

So, what do parents, interest groups and media say about NAPLAN

It doesn’t consider the overall performance of students that is more important that spontaneous testing. Students are hurried to a test and the result is declared on however they perform.

Younger students of Year 3 aren’t habitual of giving such tests with pen and paper and NAPLAN involves descriptive writing.

Gifted students and those with good learning skills can do better in NAPLAN but those that are at disadvantage or slow learners could fail in passing the test with flying colors.

The test is said to be beneficial for both students and teachers but the data provided can’t be used on time. It is so because the test is conducted in May and result declared in October. A good amount of time is lapsed in waiting and students and teachers get little time in using the data.

Teachers also disagree that the test is an indicator of teaching quality as they believe that they can bring improvement in every child irrespective of his/her learning abilities.

Schools have objection of the result being published on My School website as no institution will want to be shown in bad light. And schools spend more than necessary time in preparing their students for the test.

Parents also agree that schools put pressure on students to perform and students have to bear the burden of improving performance of their respective schools.

Some parents go to the extent of saying it brands some students as intelligent and others as poor performers and it is a label that students struggle to get rid of lifelong.

VProgress agrees that the above-mentioned concerns highlight need for improvement in the test but NAPLAN has stood the test of time successfully. It has been here since 2008 and it will continue to test the intelligence level of students and teaching standards of teachers for years to come.

NAPLAN has something for everyone

For students, it brings them on the same page and allows them to test their strength in comparison to others.

For teachers, it helps in identifying the gifted students and those that slow and need help. Teachers can use the data to identify challenges faced by students.

For schools, it allows mapping of general intelligence level of their students. There is no pass or fail in this test.

VProgress advices students to get ready for the test instead of looking for an escape route for non-performing. NAPLAN is a simple assessment of learning skills and you can do your best in the test. VProgress is here to help students that find it difficult.

Just drop a message to VProgress to allow the leading tutoring platform to suggest the right teacher for your NAPLAN preparation. You can also do well in NAPLAN if provided right training and guidance.

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