What do you need to study MS Data Science in a university of international repute?

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A quick guide to admission in MS Data Science in a foreign university

A degree in data science like an MS from a university of international repute can catapult your career in big data. Here it is necessary to mention that it is the course that matters most. While some Indian universities have attained the international status, the craze of learning data science from a foreign university hasn’t slowed down. It is so because foreign universities offer an exhaustive coursework coupled with practical projects for added knowledge.


Who’s eligible for studying data science abroad?

Foreign universities enroll students with good knowledge of computer science, excellent computational skills and a strong foundation of statistics and mathematics, in data science. But these are basic skills and every university has different eligibility criteria for enrolling students.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to study data science abroad

Before we start the guide, it should be made clear that we’ll discuss only general steps common to all universities and the real admission process might differ from the general.


It is the first thing to decide. Where would you want to go for higher studies? Before you name a country, you should consider some factors like living conditions, accommodation and fee. Also, you should consider the acceptability of foreign students in that country. Media reports about hatred for foreign students are a cause for concern for students like you.


Second most important decision in foreign study is the selection of a university. There are more than 5000 colleges in the US alone. Similarly, you can find many universities in other countries like UK, Australia and Canada. You should use the following filters to locate the right data science course.

Curriculum: Study the curriculum of every university to find what is offered and how is it beneficial for you. Generally it will be divided into – compulsory and elective course. Usually there are 5-10 courses but some universities are ready to wave off the courses you have already studied in graduation. The Capstone Project is included in the last semester and it is made compulsory.

Practical training: Data science is a practical-intensive course and for this reason every university includes Capstone Project in its curriculum. While most universities include 6-8 months of practical training, you should search for the course that gives more focus on learning with practical.

Important Prerequisites

After choosing a country, university and a course, it’s time to file your enrollment papers. When you have a target, you can look for the admission procedure to check your eligibility for the chosen course.

Academic Requirements

  • A bachelor degree from any stream but from an accredited institution is the basic requirement for MS Data Science. Students of computer science, engineering, mathematics, finance and statistics should apply to MS Data Science.
  • Familiarity with computation programs like Java, Python, C++ and R are required for data science students. Also, the students should have knowledge on structure programs, data types, calculus and variables. Their overall score in bachelor degree shouldn’t be less than 60 percent at the time of applying for MS Data Science.

Entrance Exams

  • MS Data Science students have to pass exams like GRE and GMAT with good scores. The top-rated universities expect students to score the best in both the tests. The more you score, the better are your chances of getting admission in the university of your choice.
  • English language is another important prerequisite for studying in a foreign university. Students that can use English as their first language are enrolled by foreign universities. They have to pass TOEFL test to prove their language skills.

Other important requirements

  • Proper funding like sponsorship for getting a visa
  • A valid passport
  • Statement of Purpose describing relation to data science and giving reasons for why you are the right candidate for that university
  • A detailed resume with a highlight on your career goal
  • Letter of Recommendation from professors, guides or employers
  • Transcripts and Academic Record of important documents including academic, sports and work experience

Dates & Deadlines

Every university has a specific date of opening enrollment and a deadline for sending applications. The good thing is that most universities have multiple admission cycles but you shouldn’t wait for a cycle to start and try sending your application in the present cycle.

Fees & Scholarships

International students are eligible for scholarships to pay their fees. You should check what scholarships are available for international students and how could you apply for those scholarships. A scholarship includes tuition fee and expenses for travel, accommodation and health insurance.


The admission process to a foreign university could take months to complete. It is advisable you start the process ASAP and also take training for the mandatory tests including GRE, GMAT and TOEFL so that you don’t have to hurry for study in the last moment.

Visit the website of the university you want to become a student of and start your preparations for foreign study from today. Good luck!

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