What Are The Hourly Charges Of Private Tutors?

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Parents and students often wonder on hearing about tuition charges due to lack on how tutors calculate their fees. Tuition charges are largely influenced by demand and supply. Expertise is also a factor. Also, there could be hidden charges for time and convenience influencing tuition charges.

Finally, there is someone to allay all your fears about tuition and charges. VProgress will answer all the questions related to tuition fees. Also, you are free to approach VProgress for more information.

Tutoring service comes in hourly rates and the price starts around $30 per hour but it is for novice like for homework helpers. The charges increase with experience and training. You can end up paying $200 for a subject matter expert.

There’s a huge range of tutors from novice to experienced willing to provide service but it could be overwhelming for parents and tutors looking for private tutors.

Here we’ll discuss the factors that influence tuition charges

Expertise and experience

Some subjects are more difficult to understand. For example, take mathematics that involves equations, formulas and lengthy calculations. Similarly, there is accounting, economics, statistics and science that requires teaching and training by expert and experienced teachers. While a senior college student could accept a lesser amount, a teacher with more education and experience will likely price his time and skills higher than university students.


If there are fewer qualified teachers in your area, they are likely to ask for a higher price. It is due to less competition. But if there are more private teachers in your area then you can easily find a qualified teacher for your child at an affordable price. On the other hand, presence of many tutors will force them to keep their charges competitive in order to find students.

But it doesn’t apply to online tutoring that defies physical boundaries. For example, students from Mount Gambier can easily hire qualified teachers of Sydney for private tuitions. And Sydney tutors will be happy to expand their services to remote areas to earn more profit.

Running cost

Travelling to long distances is added to the tuition time and charged accordingly. Similarly, tuition centers add the maintenance cost of their centers to their tuition fees. But there is no running cost to online tuition service.

Group vs one-on-one

Group teaching is always budge friendly as the hourly charge is divided between students. But one-on-one tuition carries a higher price as one student has to bear the entire cost.

Tutoring agencies vs private arrangement

Hiring a tutor from agencies like VProgress is cheaper than hiring someone from your contacts or sources. An agency gives more options and takes guarantee of satisfactory service. But there is no such guarantee with a private arrangement that you will make with the help of your contacts.

I hope that the above-discussion proves useful for parents and students looking for tuition service. If you have more queries, you can ask VProgress for help. It is one of the leading tuition websites providing both traditional as well as online tuition services.

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