VProgress Won’t Leave Low-Income Students At A Disadvantage

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Low-income students are left with little options in the rush to online tuitions. Those that have the means to study online and that can pay a premium price to take full advantage of the benefits of online tuitions can easily get ahead than those that are at disadvantage.

While others are busy minting dollars with online tuition service, VProgress is working on making online tuition accessible for disadvantaged students. The objective is to match students with tutors. And VProgress takes the responsibility of providing the best tutors.

Online tuition service for disadvantaged students

1. Technical assistance

Low-income students need not to worry about latest or high-end technical gadgets for getting online teachings. VProgress tutors will manage with whatever technology those students are familiar or comfortable with. The focus would be on providing the best education with whatever limited resources are available at the disposal of the students.

2. No financial commitment

There is little to worry about any big or long-term financial commitment when you are already struggling with your daily home needs. Education is necessary for your career and a bright future hence you shouldn’t compromise in getting education. Ask VProgress about the tutors that are ready to provide tuition without making a financial commitment to continue your education in the changed world.

3. Flexible timing

Online education allows flexibility of timing. Students and tutors can make best of their study time as they don’t have to spend time in travelling. VProgress has tutors that have immense time to devote to disadvantaged students. As a student, your only job will be to remain free at the time when your tutor has time to teach. If you can match your study time with teaching time of your tutor, you can continue your studies without any pressure.

4. Need based teaching

If you are doing well in English then there is little need to pay for an English tutor when you need tuition in Mathematics or any other subject in which your performance is poor. In this way, you can get real help in your studies. Depending on your needs, you can hire one or more tutors.

5. Maximum utilization of time

Low-income students have to compromise on time because there are many disadvantaged students and everyone needs attention of tutors. But it doesn’t mean that your classes will be too short. A tutor will give the attention you need to utilize every minute of online class. You are also expected to come prepared to save time of your tutor.

6. Study tips

During exam days or when the tutor is busy elsewhere, you can get tips to continue your study. In his busy hour, you can’t expect a full-length class until necessary but a tutor won’t have any hassle in giving quick tips to help.


Some students are at disadvantage due to their financial conditions but it shouldn’t be a basis of denying them quality education. VProgress is committed towards taking education to every home to every student irrespective of his financial status.


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