Win T.

As a tutor at Vprogress, I have lots of experiences and I have opportunities to contribute my abilities, knowledge, and ideas for many students. Vprogress acts as a medium between tutors and students. It helps me find the students who need help and support from tutors. I can also communicate with Vprogress team members via emails and SMS easily and they are very responsive. Moreover, during these periods while I am working for Vprogress, it helps me to do my work more professionally and as well as more comfortably.

Faith R.

I enjoy working for Vprogress as I get to determine my working hours according to my own availability. There are vast exciting and rewarding opportunities to choose from according to ones teaching abilities and skills. I also enjoy the traveling experience as I get the opportunity to see new places when I go to tutor different students. Vprogress also offers tutoring supporting material which makes lesson planning easier.

Zeinab H.

My teaching experience at Vprogress is very good, as I feel everything is organized and clear regarding the relation between admin, staff and me, in addition to the care for student’s progress and satisfaction.

Samantha P.

I have been working with VProgress now for the past 2 years and have been given the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects, especially the ones I am proficient in. It has given me the opportunity to understand the students needs and prepare lessons accordingly. VProgress also allowed me to bring in different styles of teaching catering to the different needs of my students. It encourages tutors to have an out of box way of thinking and encourages different methods of teaching. The new technological updation allows for VProgress to match tutors and students faster and better. Thank you VProgress.

Shreyanshu K.

VProgress has given me a platform to help students with my areas of knowledge in an extremely easier way. The privacy of both students and teachers is highly regarded by VProgress and it is appreciable. The best part is the flexibility that tutors can get to fix the timings in most cases and this makes it a great platform for anyone looking to teach irrespective of age and working status.

Bernard H.

I approached VProgress Education as they were looking for professional educators and dedicated persons with good knowledge of their respective subject areas as well as excellent English communication skills. With the skills acquired through my secondary and tertiary studies, I felt that this organization was a perfect fit for me as I was dedicated to helping guide the next wave of students. One thing I can say that I have enjoyed about working with VProgress Education is that I learned how to engage students at their level and develop concepts tailored to best help their capabilities come to fruition. I have found the experience rewarding as I can see the progress of the students when comparing the first to the last lesson; I could see the increased desire to learn and the confidence within each student to strive to reach their potential. I also enjoyed meeting new students and going to different areas within Sydney. I would recommend VProgress Education to future students and Associates/Tutors alike as it will advance your concept of learning in a positive direction.

Edward C.

Working with VProgress has been my most enjoyable job so far. They are always very quick with responses and getting things done.

Nayan D.

Vprogress is a professional tutoring platform that connects students with the required and able tutors. They have wide span of expertise ranging from Science/Language tutoring to helping students in competitive exams such as UMAT. I had a wonderful experience of tutoring the students and helping them out for UMAT preparation. All of them gave good feedback about the tutoring session. This again proves that students/clients are always satisfied by the services of Vprogress.

Erfan N.

VProgress has been a model employer in regards to prompt responses, payments and professionalism. I have and continue to recommend this institution to all of my friends who either seek tuition or are wanting to become tutor’s themselves. They have always kept up with the latest technology to make the interactions between associates and clients as efficiently as possible whilst preserving all privacy policies on both ends. This system will ensure a competent tutor be assigned to every student due to their large fleet of associates nationwide. Of course, it’s truly been a pleasure to work with VProgress 🙂

Peter W.

Working with VProgress was a dedicated job. Good company to work and learn. The admin and staff were always supportive during my personal situations.

Pricilla L.

VProgress has given me numerous tutoring opportunities, matching to my availability and skills.

Why Vprogress tutors are special ?

Our team of experienced teachers/tutors is committed to improving their students’ knowledge and skills. We thrive in a collaborative environment where teachers and students exchange ideas and work towards better learning experience.

The tutors we hire share huge passion and are highly dedicated to teach and help students. There is a 5 Step tutor selection process:
Out of 100 received applications, we shortlist only 35 tutors for an interview. Each interviewee goes through following 5 step strict selection process to become a successful associate of Vprogress. Our process includes:
• Resume screening
• Shortlisting candidates based on their skills and commitment
• Background check
• Detailed information about how to conduct lesson
• A valid Working With Children Check

This long and thorough process ensures that only the most capable and committed tutors are accepted to work with Vprogress.

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