5 Tuition Options For Disadvantaged Students

Disadvantaged students should seriously think about taking private tuitions as there are many ways to reduce cost of one-on-one tutoring. If it is cost that is preventing you for enhancing your learning experience then you should make a study group and hire a tutor.

Options for disadvantaged students

1. Group tutoring

Group tutoring

It is a great choice especially for those that are unable to pay for one-on-one tutoring. You can make a small study group and divide tuition charges to keep it simple and affordable. In this way, you can continue getting tuition throughout the year.

2. Selective subjects

You can choose subjects you find difficult to study and get tuition for selected subject. For example, hiring a math tutor will be more cost effective than hiring tutors for all subjects. You will pay for the subject in which you need tuition most.

3. Limited tuition

If you need tuition only for exam preparation, you can hire a tutor for limited tutoring. He will cover your syllabus keeping your exams in mind and keep testing your knowledge through practice tests. Limited tuition will cost you less and provide real help with your exam preparations.

4. Reduce tuition time

Instead of taking regular tuition, you can choose to get fewer classes in a week. And you can cover the rest of the course in home studies. Also, reducing classes or tuition time won’t have any negative impact on your academic growth.

5. Online tutoring

Online tutoring

Your tutor will make videos on your subjects and send you for online learning. You can also mail or message your queries so that the tutor can cover your doubts in the coming videos.

If you are a disadvantaged student looking for help with studies then you can turn to VProgress for help where you can find a number of tutors ready to help promising students like you.

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