Toppers Have Good Study Habits

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Do you really think that toppers are born or they have exceptional talent? If yes then this blog will be an eye opener for you. Also, VProgress can help in becoming a topper.

Toppers only do things in the right manner and every student can become a topper, if he/she knows how to improve his/her performance. It is where you need a tutor that you can find on VProgress.

Study habits that can make you a topper

Start beforehand….

Early preparation is the key to success and to get an early start, you need completing your regular study job like homework and assignments on time. And here you will need help of an experienced tutor.


Early start will give advantage of time but you need managing time in an efficient manner. You need detailed planning to stay ahead while saving time for revision during before exams. A private teacher can help in detailed planning for your study.


You need to be regular in your class in tuition. And if you aren’t taking tuition, you need following a strict study schedule.

Smart study material….

Your coursebook is the first study material and you can get more like homework, assignment, notes prepared in class and information drawn from other sources like Internet. But you can rely on your tutor for study material.

Testing your preparation….

It is part of your study. Whatever you learn in a week should be checked on weekend. You can try solving question sample question papers to check your knowledge. Your tutor can prepare a comprehensive sample paper for testing.

Exam preparation….

Your focus should be on increasing your knowledge and getting high score in exams. It is a dual goal that you can achieve by implementing strict self-discipline in your studies or taking help of an experienced private teacher.

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