Top 10 Courses That Promise Great Careers

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VProgress, one of the leading tuition platforms, has selected 10 best career courses for students. These are the courses that are in huge demand and the demand for these professionals is expected to grow over time.

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1. Accountancy

One of the few courses with highest employability rate, accountancy opens a vast array of fields including financial, management, external, tax and cost accounting. And the accounting professionals are employed in banks, financial institutions and companies. Also, they are free to start their accounting services.


2. Actuarial Science

Students that like making assessments like risk calculation can join actuarial science that is associated with risk assessment in financial, insurance and other sectors. It involves use of mathematics and stats for making predictions or risk assessment about specific investments and transactions.

3. Agricultural Science

Agriculture is more than simply farming seasonal crops. It is about forestry and agronomist careers where professionals ensure that only the best crops are farmed and that there is plenty of food sources for future generations. It also involves research and development in agriculture.

4. Architecture

It is about arranging building blocks for making edifices. Also, it is about studying weather phenomenon and its affects on buildings. And this subject involves everything from mathematical calculations to physics equations. It is as much about weight and balance as about occurrence of earthquake.

5. Biomedical engineering

Biology meets engineering. It is about using principles of engineering to develop systems for solving healthcare issues. It is a highly challenging field as it deals with diagnosis and prognosis of problems. It also helps in rehabilitation and injury management.

6. Core Engineering

It is about accommodating people in cities, towns and villages by creating infrastructure like commercial space for marketing; roads and bridges for transportation and multistory buildings for residences. In Australia, there is a huge demand for chemical engineers, electronics, communication and mechanical and industrial engineers.

7. Earth Sciences

The rich natural recourses of Australia need to be excavated for growth and development of the country. But the excavation work has to be done with minimal impact to environment. It is where earth science helps.

8. Computer Science and Information Technology

Introduction of AI has opened new avenues for computer engineers. Students with specialization in machine learning and data management have many opportunities in Australia and the world.

9. Psychology

It is the study of human behavior and mind but has uses in fields like clinical psychology, education, organizational psychology and psychiatrist clinics. It is a great career option for those interested in using human science in commercial areas.

10. Tourism and Hospitality Management

Australia’s long coastline is dotted with scenic beaches. Also, there is reservoir of natural and historical places. Tourism industry has a bright future in Australia and so has the students willing to make a career in tourism and hospitality industry.

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