Comparing the Current New York City School Shutdown To 1968

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 2020/08/03: A protester holds a placard that says No return until zero … [+] cases during the demonstration. Black Lives Matter, UFT United federation of teachers (union), the Democratic Socialists of America, and other groups gathered on the National Day of Resistance to protest against…

Why More and More Australians Are Choosing Vocational Education

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Vocational courses, offered through the Vocational and Education Training (TAFE) system, are becoming a popular choice for Australians looking for more job security in the wake of COIVD-19. The job landscape is shifting rapidly, and as 62 percent of top-earning occupations require a VET pathway, an increasing number of Australians…

What Is the New Normal In Higher Education?

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How will higher education change as a result of COVID-19? It’s a question many students, parents, and educators are thinking about as they try to plan ahead in an uncertain future. Experts say a few pandemic-born policies are guaranteed to stick around as schools adjust to the new normal. Online…

Virtual Reality In Higher Education: What’s the Status?

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Virtual reality is transforming higher education in Australia, and the wave is just beginning. In contrast to augmented reality, which is more about overlaying virtual content onto physical objects and places, virtual reality is usually a more immersive experience, letting you interact with virtual objects within an entirely virtual environment….

Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Education Research

The higher education sector in Australia is worth $25 billion, puts 120,000 people to work, and supports the learning of over one million students. Research is revealing challenges currently being faced by the industry, including budget cuts, high staff turnover, constraints on innovation, market saturation, and an evolving job market….