Tuition Time is precious time

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VProgress has only one thing to say about private tuition. Tuition time is precious time and you should take maximum advantage of it. Your tutor will give you limited time and expect that you will be use the time in a judicious manner.

Your tutor will come with a detailed plan but how you do depend on how you prepare for tuition. If you can avoid the following mistakes, you can make most of your tuition time.

Leaving difficult questions for tutor….

You should complete your homework on your own instead of involving your tutor it. In this way, you should reduce your reliance on your tutor and take tuition only for further study.

Asking your tutor to repeat topics….

Your tuition could be over in an hour but you should continue studying the lessons taught. For example, you should make notes so that you don’t miss important points. Also, the notes will help in quick go-through of the lesson.

Taking tuition work lightly….

Your tutor will give you homework that you need completing before the next tuition. If you have other important work like homework and assignment to complete, you should discuss it with your tutor and ask for more time.

Arguing with tutor….

Your tutor will test your performance and give marks. Also, he will give his feedback with suggestions for improvement. Here you should take his suggestion seriously instead of giving lame excuses for poor performance. Also, you should be careful to not become overconfident on getting good marks.

Tuition is power to you and if you can save your tuition time from getting wasted, you can take advantage of the additional knowledge and improve your performance in the long run.

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