Why is Statistics called a vast field of study?

What choice do you have in statistics?

Statistics is a part of mathematics and it is taught with math in high-school but it becomes a separate subject of study in the university where it is offered with college degrees including Associate, Bachelor and Master. Statistics is divided into two branches – descriptive and inferential – for the convenience of study.

Descriptive Statistics: It is a collection and presentation facts. Also, it is the first part of analytical stats. Here the focus remains on choosing the right design to avoid biases that could spoil the study and give a different opinion.

Inferential Statistics: It involves the study of facts and drawing the right conclusion. The is the second step of analytical stats where a conclusion is drawn on the basis of the data collected and facts presented for study.

Here’s the list of topics commonly associated with the study of statistics:

  • Data Mining
  • Probability
  • Linear Models
  • Regression Analysis
  • Survey Sampling
  • Bio statistics

Statistics is a part of mathematics but its principles are applied to every subject including economics, social study and science where it is used to examine and describe scientific models.

Basically, statistics is related to collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data. And the study of statistics deals with all aspects of data.

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