Social Media Tips & Tricks For Students

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Social media can be a boon for students, if they limit the use of networking websites strictly for education, collaboration, partnership and other important tasks related to their studies and career.

VProgress advises students to be careful while taking advantage of social media

Platform for online education

Social media is an excellent tool for education for short study sessions and when time or weather doesn’t permit physical classes. For example, teachers can give answers or hints with tweets. It can provide help during exam days when students have a lot of questions to ask.

Encourage companionship

Students can make a group on social media for companionship. Here they can discuss everything taught in class and the lessons of the next class. And if anyone misses a class, he/she can ask for that lecture on social media group. 

Help with homework

The same group can be used for help with homework. For example, they can discuss complications with homework and try finding solutions to those problems. Also, this discussion will start an inter-class competition among students that will try outperforming others by completing their tasks first.

Since social media posts can be saved, students can save important posts like answers for future use. These posts will work like online notes that students can access anytime they need. Also, teachers can retweet or report their earlier tweets and posts instead of repeating answers.

VProgress also alerts students from over-reliance on social media or using it to the point where it becomes an interruption or an area of cyberbullying. It should be used for healthy communication and interaction and its use should be limited to study only.

Also, VProgress advises parents to allow their kids to take advantage of social media but parents should keep an eye over social media engagement of their kids. 

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