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Online learning technology is good for education as it is making students self-reliant. But self-learning could be difficult as it requires strict discipline. Students that want to do self-study should know how to start and maintain the rhythm. 

VProgress gives easy tips for students that want to do self-study

Set realistic goals

Your goals should be realistic. For example, you should choose to study one chapter a day instead of going through an entire course just before exams. The objective of setting goals is to keep yourself free from unnecessary stress and pressure.

Find what works for you

There are many ways to learn but you should choose the way you are comfortable with or one that works for you. For example, some students learn better with reading while others learn fast with writing. Here you need to choose the style that you are comfortable with.

Review your notes the same day you make

You make notes in classroom, during online learning, with friends and from your course books and other reading material. And if you don’t review those notes the same day then you are procrastinating your study. While reviewing the notes could be a tedious job but you have to.

Keep your study sessions short

There is little need to extend your study sessions to an uncomfortable limit, when you can complete your course with short study sessions. For convenience, you can divide chapters into lessons and study in short sessions. Advantage of short sessions is that they provide mechanical breaks to mind and allow time to imbibe the lessons.

Practice with test papers

Keep test papers ready for practice. And you should take tests weekly to assess your performance. Also, you should be punctual in taking tests and with the results. If you can follow these tips, you can do self-study and do better.



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