SACE Past papers

SACE Past Papers – The South Australian Certificate of Education

SACE is a senior secondary education qualification for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and capabilities in South Australia. Access SACE past papers study designs, assessment handbooks, assessment advice and other teacher support materials here.

SACE provides pathways to them for their further studies and training at University level.

Useful SACE related links :

Aboriginal Studies Arabic (beginners) Auslan (continuers)
Accounting Arabic (continuers) Australian Languages
Agricultural Systems Armenian (continuers) Australian and International Politics
Agriculture and Horticulture Australian History

Biology Bosnian (continuers) Business and Enterprise

Chemistry Chinese (continuers) Croatian (continuers)
Child Studies Classical Studies Cross-disciplinary Studies
Chinese (beginners) Creative Arts
Chinese (background speakers) Community Studies

Dance Design and Technology — Systems and Control Products Dutch (continuers)
Design and Technology — Communication Products Design and Technology — Material Products Drama

Economics English as an Additional Language Essential English
English English Literary Studies Essential Mathematics

Filipino (continuers) General Mathematics Health
Food and Hospitality Geography Hebrew (continuers)
French (beginners) Geology Hindi (continuers)
French (continuers) German (beginners) Hungarian (continuers)
German (continuers)

Indonesian (beginners) Information Processing and Publishing Italian (beginners)
Indonesian (continuers) Integrated Learning Italian (continuers)
Information Technology

Japanese (background speakers) Khmer (continuers) Language and Culture
Japanese (beginners) Korean (background speakers) Legal Studies
Japanese (continuers) Korean (beginners)

Macedonian (continuers) Modern Greek (beginners) Music: Ensemble Performance
Malay (background speakers) Modern Greek (continuers) Music: Musical Styles
Maltese (continuers) Modified Subjects Music: Musicianship
Mathematical Methods Music: Music Individual Study Music: Performance Special Study
Media Studies Music: Composing and Arranging Music: Solo Performance
Modern History Music: Music Technology

Nutrition Outdoor Education

Persian (background speakers) Physical Education Psychology
Philosophy Polish (continuers) Punjabi (continuers)
Physics Portuguese (continuers)

Religion Studies Romanian (continuers)
Research Project Russian (continuers)

Scientific Studies Society and Culture Specialist Mathematics
Serbian (continuers) Spanish (beginners) Swedish (continuers)
Sinhala (continuers) Spanish (continuers)

Tamil (continuers) Ukrainian (continuers) Vietnamese (background speakers)
Tourism Vietnamese (continuers)
Turkish (continuers) Visual Arts — Art and Visual Arts — Design

Women’s Studies Yiddish (continuers)
Workplace Practices

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