Poor Study Habits That Could Spoil All Your Efforts

Your tests results have just come but they aren’t as exciting as expected. You studied hard and even took tuitions but the results aren’t as good as you hoped.

You really missed something very important during your studies and if you don’t find the fault and set it right, you could get similar results in the next exams.

Since you took tuition, there’re little chances of your studying without a plan but you could have made one of the following mistakes.

Reading to remember instead of studying to understand….

Your performance dropped because you were unable to answer all the questions in the right manner and it happened because your simply read the study material to remember instead of trying to understand the topics. In test, you failed to answer the questions that required a good understanding of the topics.

Not asking your tutor to help when you need….

Not asking your tutor

Some topics are difficult to understand in the first time but you shouldn’t leave them without understanding. Here you should take help of your tutor. The best way would be to prepare a list of topics you don’t understand and ask your tutor to help. You might have left some topics without understanding.

Not taking lessons from your mistake….

Mark the mistakes your tutor indicates and remember those mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. For example, take spelling and punctuation errors that could become a reason for wrong answers. Similarly, you should be careful about cross-checking your calculations before giving the answer. You didn’t take lessons from your mistakes and paid the price in tests.

Or you can change your tutor, if the teacher is incompetent or too busy to give his total attention to you. For tutor, you can visit VProgress where you can easily find experienced private teachers you can count on.

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