Past Exam Papers

Past Exam Papers –  VCEHSC / QCE / SACE & WACE

Past exam papers (HSC, VCE, WACE, SACE & QCE) for various subjects are available for download below.

Past ICAS Papers

Past VCE Papers (VIC) –

VCAA Website

Past HSC Papers (NSW) –

2016 Papers | 2015 Papers | 2014 Papers  2013 Papers | 2012 Papers | 2011 Papers | 2010 Papers

Past Higher School Certificate Examination Papers and Notes from the Marking Centre

Board of Studies online multiple choice tests sourced from past HSC examinations


Biology | Business Studies | Chemistry | Community and Family studies  | Economics Engineering studies General Maths | Geography | PDHPE | Physics | Senior Science

Past QCE Papers (QLD) –

Accounting Ancient History Arabic | Biology | Chemistry | Chinese | English | Korean | Legal Studies | Mathematics A Mathematics B Modern Greek | Modern History | Philosophy & Reason | Physics | PolishPunjabi Russian | Spanish | Vietnamese Visual Art

Past SACE Papers (SA) –

There are two stages of the SACE:
Stage 1 of SACE is for Year 10 -11 students with the Personal Learning Plan.
Stage 2 of SACE is for Year 12.

SACE Website

Past WACE Papers (WA) –

SCSA Website

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