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Tuition is important and for this reason VProgress puts more focus on quality of education and takes online platforms as mediums to provide teachings. Also, it tries to leverage the latest technology to improve the learning experience of students.

VProgress tells how is online tuition different from the traditional

More choice in selection of tutors….

When you look for a tutor in your area, you get a limited choice and sometimes there isn’t any choice. For example, you could easily find an English teacher close to your home but it could be difficult to find a tutor for statistics or physics. In this situation, either you will travel to a distant tuition center or pay more to a tutor to visit your home. But VProgress can connect you to all leading as well as upcoming tutors of all subjects.

More flexibility in selection tutors….

You are good in language but have difficulty in mathematics or in any other subject but you need tuition only for a short duration like for preparation in exams. Here you could find it difficult to locate a math teacher that can find spare time from his busy schedule to give you a few tuitions. But VProgress tutors will happily accept your request.

More scheduling options….

You will get tuition on a set time but you have the option of rescheduling, if you aren’t available on the set time and it could be due to any reason like your preoccupation in another important job or the tutor could be unavailable for personal reasons. Also, VProgress is here to monitor your scheduling and make sure that you don’t have any problem with your online tuition classes.

More parental control….

Your child is studying online doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to monitor his studies. You can check how your child is doing in his online tuition classes by communicating with his tutor. Also, you can approach VProgress to get detailed report of your child’s progress.

More time to focus on learning….

With online tuition, you will be free from the pressure of making notes or writing long answers. It is your tutor that will take responsibility of keeping things simple. The tutor will ask only objective type questions that you can answer in a short time. For writing long answers, you will be allowed time.

More online learning tools….

It is your tutor that will introduce you with latest learning tools. There are many sites and software that make tall claims regarding learning platforms. But VProgress is very selective in choosing tools for students. You will get the tools that you are comfortable with and your tutor will be responsible for helping in taking advantage of those tools.

More power to you….

VProgress gives more power to students. Here you can take total control of your studies. The objective of online tuition is to help in your studies instead of bringing under pressure. VProgress is here to help in everything. It believes that you are a promising student who is serious about his studies.


The advantages of online tuition

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