NAPLAN: Why This Assessment Test is Beneficial For Students and Schools?

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NAPLAN: Some important things to know about this assessment test

NAPLAN is National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It is a series of tests conducted annually and the best NAPLAN strand is its objective that is to determining literacy and numeracy skills of students in the years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The test is conducted by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). It is an independent authority responsible for conducting the test in a free and fair manner.

What is NAPLAN?

It is an assessment of schools, students and parents. But its result doesn’t affect the academic life of students. The assessment shows how students of a school are performing in comparison to others. But some schools and parents take this test very seriously and start training the students with the objective to score well in assessment. They hire NAPLAN tutors to prepare their children for the test.

Why tuition isn’t required for this assessment?

The test is only an assessment of what the students have read. The objective of the test is to assess basic skills of students and there is no benefit in getting high rank in the test when the students actually don’t have the skills. The assessment shows whether the students are prepared for competitive exams. Some schools are alleged to push their students to pass the test but they deny this claim.

Another important NAPLAN strand is its value for students. It is an optional test but schools take it very seriously. Parents are free to take the decision of their children appearing in the test and students can opt for this test, if they are prepared. What preparation do the students need for the exam? Students can’t go unprepared for the test. They need professional help to prepare for the assessment test.

Who can be a good teacher for the test?

NAPLAN tutors have the responsibility to educate students about the test. It isn’t necessary that the students need coaching in the subjects. They can do well, if they know what the test is about and how the questions are framed. The education on the test can help students do well in the exam.

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