Motivation Tips For Students That Don’t Take Tuition

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Students should remain motivated otherwise they could lose their momentum and everything they have gained. If you aren’t taking tuition, you will need to do some extra work to stay motivated. 

Overcoming procrastination habit….

It is common for students to procrastinate but it shouldn’t become your habit. Since you aren’t taking tuitions, you might find it a little difficult to manage your procrastination habit. First thing you should do is to stop giving you punishments for procrastination and acknowledge the problem instead. Take it lightly but seriously try to improve.

Communicate your plan of action to who you trust most….

Since you aren’t working with a tutor, you can trust your parents that are equally worried about your performance in studies. Make a study plan and discuss the plan with your parents. Also, update them about the milestones completed and grades achieved. 

Make a study buddy who you can take responsibility….

It is difficult to study alone because you could get distracted. You need someone that could show you the right path. And that could be your class teacher who you can ask questions or a classmate that can help in finding answers to difficult questions. Or you can try finding answers on the web. But there has to be someone to help because you aren’t taking tuition.

Make short and achievable goals for monitoring….

Working on a long goal could be frustrating especially in the absence of a tutor that can monitor your progress and keep you motivated. But never mind as you can still get motivated by determining short and achievable goals. Achieving goals on time will keep your motivation level up.

VProgress suggests students to take tuitions seriously as it is only a tutor that can keep you motivated all the time. The tutor will monitor your progress and take responsibility for providing real help with all his knowledge and resources. 

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