Is Tuition Necessary For Exam Practice?

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Students preparing for exams, both academic and competitive, need to put more focus on testing as it is only after testing that you can make sure that you are well prepared to sit in a specific exam.

VProgress suggests hiring private tutors for practicing and give reasons for the same. It isn’t that you can’t practice alone but that you can do better in the supervision of a tutor.

Practice papers are available on the web. Also, you can buy test papers from the market. Or you can try preparing sample papers from your coursebooks. So, there are many ways for making practice papers but it is always better to get tuition.

Your tutor will set the practice papers

Choosing sample papers for tests is a time-consuming job. Also, it needs comprehensive knowledge on the subject that you are studying. Here a tutor has a clear edge over you. He can do a better job by selecting questions covering the entire course.

Your tutor will schedule tests

You need to check your knowledge only after completing the course or a part of the course. Here your tutor can provide real help. He can decide whether you should give the test only after completing the entire course or divide the course in equal parts for convenience of studying and testing.

Your tutor will check the test papers

An online test will give quick results but with little insight into your performance. But a tutor can provide real help by giving his feedback on your performance and tips to improve the output. And he won’t mince any words in criticizing your performance, if he finds you lacking knowledge.

Your tutor will anticipate results

The objective of the test is to anticipate grades and here only a tutor can help. He can predict grades you can expect in the real test and in this way, keep you alert about your numbers.

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