If You Are Good At Math, Then You Are Good In Every Subject

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Answer the following questions….

Q1: You’ve a dozen chocolates. If you give away six chocolates, how many chocolates do you’ve remaining?

Q2: Four friends go out for dinner and they decide to divide the money equally between them. The dinner costs them $3000. How much the dinner costs to each friend? 

Q3: A train is running at 50 miles per hour. How much time would it take in completing a 1450 miles journey?

Correct answers are given at the bottom….

Teenager is thinking of a solution to a math formula

You need not to be a mathematician to answer these questions but you need at least basic knowledge of math to give correct answers of these questions. 

The objective of this test is to make you understand the value of math in your academic life. Whether you pursue math in higher studies could be a matter of choice but you need to be good at math in order to do well in your studies.


Advantages of learning math

it is good for your brain….

A study by Stanford University found that students that are good at math can use certain brain regions more reliably than those that are poor at math. They have more grey matter in those regions and it is reflected in various cognitive abilities like visual attention and decision making. 

it will make you a better chef or salesman….

Whether you choose cookery as career or go ahead in making a striking career in sales, math will help in understanding the basics of your job. In cooking, you will use teaspoons and cups as a unit of measurement and in sales, you will have to be quick at calculating price and discount to engage buyers.

it is used in every subject….

Whether you want to become a web developer, microbiologist, chemist, engineer, architect or start your own business, you will need math for calculations. And if you aren’t good at math then it will be very difficult for you to make a career of your choice.

it will make you popular….

Your skills in math will help you become popular among your family, friends and colleagues. Your ability to do quick calculations of time and money will give others reasons to count on you. 

it develops problem solving skills….

Those that are good at math have better problem-solving skills than others. They view every situation as a math problem and try solving it with a positive attitude. They believe that every situation has an outcome and they try achieving the best outcome.

it is a universal language….

Math has one language that is of numbers, equations, figures and formulas. The formula of finding radius of a circle is similar all over the world. So, when you read math, you learn a universal language.

It is VProgress teaching math to students and being a leading online tuition platform, it wants every student to be good at math. If you have any difficulty in understanding math, you should immediately join a math class to improve your understanding so that you don’t lag behind your friends.

A1: 1 Dozen = 12 pieces

you gave 6 pieces

12 – 6 = 6

you are left with 6 chocolates

A2: total cost of the dinner = $3000

four friends divide the cost equally

3000 ÷ 4 = 750

each friend pays $750

A3: speed of the train = 50 mph

distance to be covered = 1450 miles

time taken = 1450 ÷ 50 = 29   

it will take 29 hours in reaching its destination

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