ICAS Mathematics Exam 2018

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How to achieve High Distinction Certificate in ICAS Mathematics Exam 2018?

ICAS mathematics exam will be held on 14th August 2018 but entries to the test can be made till 25th June, 2018. There is still time for appearing in the international level assessment test that assesses competitive skills instead of knowledge on the subject.icas exam 2018ICAS mathematics test paper contains 40 questions and time allotted for answering the questions is 60 minutes.

Topics covered in the test are:

• Algebra and patterns
• Chance and data
• Measures and units
• Numbers and arithmetic
• Space and geometry

ICAS Strategy

There are a set of 40 MCQs or 35 MCQs and 5 free-response-questions in the test paper depending on the year level. No calculators are allowed in the exam hence the students have to be swift in making calculation on fingers and paper. They have to be proficient in finding fractions, decimals and square roots. It is only with good calculation skills that students can pass the difficult ICAS mathematics exam with good marks.


Starting early would help but just going through school books won’t. ICAS Exam is an international level competitive exam where your child has to rise above the country level and it is possible only when he gets training from a seasoned mathematics professor. It isn’t a difficult exam to pass, if your child can use his fine skills of calculations and get the confidence of making correct calculations.


When you are preparing your child for ICAS mathematics exam, you can’t rely on group classes. It has to be individual coaching where the tutor focuses on your child and monitors his progress. A book is a silent teacher and a tutor is a speaking book. The tutor will arrange study material; prepare sample test papers and monitor weekly progress. He will identify child’s strengths and mark low points and find ways to improve child’s competitive skills.

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