ICAS Exam Sample Papers, Practice Sets

ICAS is an independent skill-based assessment test of six competitions for primary and secondary school students. The test assesses basic skills and learning abilities. Students preparing the ICAS 2018 can download the sample papers for practice.

Download the papers 

– The papers contain ICAS questions with answer sheets. Both the papers are printable. Students can practice solving ICAS questions in answer sheets.

– Use table to convert paper to year level to find papers matching with your year level

Digital Technologies

ICAS Digital Technologies test covers the following areas:

  • Complete digital system including data representation, operating systems and cloud computing and hardware and software systems
  • Basic and advance knowledge of formatting inword formatting
  • Multimedia, presentation and data visualization
  • Use of search engines, social media, web design, emails and practice of social and ethical protocols
  • Maintaining and managing data and databases
  • Programming principles and concepts


ICAS English is an assessment of reading and language skills of students. Following are the contents of English test.

  • Reading comprehension for meaning
  • Selecting text formats and vocabulary
  • Sentence structuring to make meaningful sentences

The test includes a variety of text related to narration, description, explanation, arguments and review. The text is collected from books, short stories, poems and novels. Also, it could be in any format like diagrams, tables and maps.

Note: The level of questions increases from Introductory test to Paper J.



ICAS Mathematics test has five parts:

  • Algebra and Patterns: Number problems related to patterns and relationship of numbers
  • Chance and Data: Treating data and statistics with mathematical formulas
  • Measures and Units: Measuring properties of physical world
  • Number and Arithmetic: It is linked to Algebra and Patterns
  • Space and Geometry: Two-dimensional and three-dimensional properties of spaceNote: Papers A, B, C, D and E are given without calculators but calculators are allowed for papers F, G, H, I and J.


ICAS Science stream assesses the skills in:

  • Observing and measuring features
  • Interpreting data present in diagrams, graphs and tables
  • Applying data for making predictions and conclusions
  • Investigation of designs
  • Reasoning and problem solving

The science questions involve physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, earth science and astronomy.


ICAS Spelling test is developed in conjunction with Macquarie Dictionary and the assessment is done in four different levels:

  • Visual related to the recognizing feature of words
  • Phonological related to relationship between sound and letter
  • Morphological related to word families
  • Etymological related to origin of words

Frequently used words with simple spelling patterns and less common words with difficult spelling patterns are used to check spelling knowledge of students.


ICAS Writing skill test assesses writing craft of students. Students are given tasks and the results are prepared on the response given to the tasks.

Pursuasive Writing

What is ICAS and its advantage for students and schools?

ICAS is an international assessment of skills and learning abilities of students. It is an annual test quite beneficial for student, parents and schools.

Advantage of ICAS Exam:

  • Skill based test
  • Tracking performance year-by-year
  • Highlights strong points of students
  • Educates students about areas they should improve
  • Identify gifted students
  • Boosts confidence
  • Schools and students get international recognition
  • ICAS awards have international value

Freedom of Information: All of the ICAS tests published on the eaa.unsw.edu.auwebsite have previously been released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982(Cth) (FOI Act). The FOI Act gives you the right to use these ICAS tests. It does not give anyone any rights in relation to these tests.For more information, see the eaa.unsw.edu.auwebsite information sheet – ICAS tests.