Why is it More Beneficial to Prepare for ICAS Digital Technologies Test with Sample Papers?

How could previous year papers help in ICAS digital technologies paper preparation?

A detailed study of ICAS digital technologies subject gives a clear idea that anyone with good knowledge of digital can easily pass the test. It is a skill based assessment hence there is little need to take much pressure of the exam. Your only focus for ICAS digital technologies paper preparation should be on skill development.

Let’s have a quick go through of the contents of the subject

Digital system – hardware, software and cloud computing
Formatting – tables, style sheets, animations and referencing
Technology –search engines, social media and web designing
Database – managing data and databases
Programming – coding, flow-chart, loops, sequence and pseudocode

What can help in exam preparation?

There is hardly any topic that is new to you but do you have detailed knowledge of the topics included in the subject. The first step in ICAS digital technologies paper preparation is to understand the concepts and it is possible only when you study papers of previous years. The sample papers would help in understanding the level of knowledge needed to pass the test.

Advantage of sample paper study

  • Understand the question format
  • Test your knowledge of digital technologies
  • Check how much time you need to solve a paper
  • Find the areas you need improving
  • Plan your study according to your test results

What do you need for studying?

You need tuition for studying and for tuition you can buy books and do self-study or hire an experienced tutor that will help in your ICAS digital technologies paper preparation.

Self-study: It is a better choice if you are confident that the books and online study material can work like a silent tutor. You can do a better job with the help of books. The sample papers would help you keep a tab over your preparation.

Private tuition: A private tutor is like a speaking book and experienced teacher would have knowledge of many books. A tutor would take responsibility of preparing your study material. Also, he will take the weekly test to check your knowledge and ICAS digital technologies paper preparation. If you compare, you will find that hiring a private tutor is more helpful than doing self-study.

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