ICAS assessment test requires a skill-based approach

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What is the best approach for ICAS exam preparation?

Students put their best in ICAS exam preparation but this test demands more attention than generally paid by the students. It is a skill assessment test hence needs a different approach. You can’t study for this test just as you study for your school exams. For school exams, you need improving your memory but for assessment test, you need improving your skills.

ICAS Assesment test

What is an assessment test?

This test contains questions that you can solve only with your skills like calculation, reasoning and making right choice according to your knowledge on the subject. The questions are so designed that they require skill to solve.

Let’s understand the skill assessment with an example

When you start a new chapter in mathematics, you are totally ignorant about it. But you have the skills needed to learn that chapter. Similarly, you solve ICAS questions using your skills. ICAS past papers could be of great help in understanding the question pattern. You should start your preparation for the test by studying the previous year test papers.

How to develop skills?

You have learning skills but you need honing those skills. School education has limited your skills to reading and remembering. If you can change your approach, you can develop the skills. For a change of approach, you need to change your studying pattern. For example take mathematics. You have its curriculum and the books but without right approach, you won’t be able to pass the assessment test.

Study all the ICAS subjects and choose the topic, you understand more than others. Your understanding shows that you have skills to study that topic and pass it with flying colors. The second step is to prepare a detailed study plan. If you want, you can take home tuition for that subject.

What is the advantage of home tuition?

Two is always bigger than one. You will make a team with your tutor and a team has more chances of succeeding than an individual. The tutor will look after your study plan; he will arrange sample test papers; he will take practice tests and he will keep you updated about your progress. The private tutor would become a speaking book that can answer all your queries and also give you success tips.

The tutor will prepare a detailed study plan and choose ICAS exam dates for home assessment. He will be with your throughout high and low of your study.With an experienced tutor to your side, you are likely to do well in the real exam.

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