How to write ICAS Writing test paper?

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Students preparing to appear in ICAS Writing test should know that this assessment involves two forms of writing – narrative and persuasive. Test papers are marked according to year level – students are compared to their peers in the same year level.

Let’s discuss the narrative and persuasive form of writing in detail for ICAS Writing test

Persuasive writing: It is a text that reflects persuasion. It could be a review, letter to a council, formal argument, opinion on a news report, ad advertisement or a campaign manifesto. The objective of writing is to reveal persuasion skills of students.

Narrative writing: It is an important aspect of a given narrative. The task could be to write the beginning of a narrative or describing an event in the narrative. Or the students could be asked to describe a setting or character or write a conclusion for the narrative.

It is important to mention that the ICAS Writing aspirants are assigned age-appropriate tasks.

ICAS Writing marking

A task-specific criterion is used for marking the writing test papers and there are dozens of criterion ICAS Writing exam. These marking scales are divided into four broad groups – Genre, Textual Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

Genre: It is related to sentence structuring, choice of words and engagement of readers. The best copy is one that has immaculate structuring of sentences supported by suitable vocabulary.

Textual grammar: It comprises of use of tenses, conjunction, pronouns and everything that can in anyway help in improving the readability of text matter.

Punctuation: It involves checking subject-verb agreement in sentences and use of preposition, articles and plurals.

Spelling: The ability to spell words correctly.

Students are compared with their peers at the same level but the biggest advantage of the ICAS Writing test is that it provides growth of a student according to his/her year levels. Teachers and parents can check how much students have improved from their previous levels.

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