How To Take Advantage Of Online Classes While Taking Private Home Tuitions?

Whiteboard tutoring became popular during pandemic time and it worked well for online tutoring but it has certain drawbacks like it isn’t suitable for subjects that involve calculations and practical.

Advantages of whiteboard classes

• It allows remote learning. You see your tutor writing answers and showing how formulas work on a whiteboard.

• It provides flexibility of time like you can take a class anytime when you are comfortable. Also, you can connect to your tutor from anytime.

• Affordability is another benefit of whiteboard tutoring. Since it allows teachers to provide tuition from their homes, they can give discount to their students.

Take Advantage Of Online Classes

Should I go for online whiteboard tutoring?

Online tutoring is popular for reasons like flexibility and affordability but it can’t be a substitute for private home tutoring. While it is good for subjects that involve more theory, you should avoid learning subjects that involve practice like economics, stats, physics, biology, math, and chemistry through online classes.

Role of online whiteboard tutoring in normal times

Online tutoring is here to stay and serve students. And it can be used to enhance learning experience with private home tutoring

• A quick online study session can be arranged when your tutor is unable to visit your home for tuition. He can provide online tuition using his whiteboard.

• You can contact your tutor using an online platform to get tips during exam days. Also, the tutor can take online classes for extra coaching.

• Online whiteboard classes can be used for taking verbal tests. Your tutor can write questions on the whiteboard and allow you time to answer those questions using voice communication.

You should go for online tuition, if you want to learn from a distant teacher. Also, you can choose online tutoring to get affordable services. But you should choose private home tuition, if you can.

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