How should you test yourself?

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How many times do you test your knowledge while studying? Students that rely on self-study often make a mistake that is they skip testing because they feel that they know everything. 

VProgress wants to bring the importance of testing into notice of students that do self-study. Those who take tuitions don’t have to worry about testing as they giving tests in tuition classes. 

What is testing for a student?

It is testing the speed of study, punctuality in given tasks, accuracy in answering questions, confidence level and ability to score high grades in exams. But it is only an experienced tutor that can make a detailed opinion on your performance. He will highlight the areas that need improvement and suggest measures to improve performance.

How to do a self-assessment of your performance in study?

The best thing you can do is to assess your score in practice test papers. You can buy sample papers and try completing them in a given time. For time management, you can use a stop-watch. If you can score high on practice papers, you can feel safer. But it won’t be an accurate test. For accurate testing, you will need a tutor. 

A tutor will keep testing your performance on daily basis and he will rank you on different parameters like space management, punctuality in attending classes and doing homework, ability to understand concepts and ranking in practice test papers prepared by the tutor. And these test papers will be different from those available free on the web. 


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