How can you prepare for ICAS Mathematics using sample papers?

ICAS Mathematics assessment is made more interesting by dividing knowledge of Maths in five different but connected streams.

  • Algebra & Patterns
  • Chance & Data
  • Measures & Units
  • Number & Arithmetic
  • Space & Geometry

The test has 10-levels from A-J. The first five levels from A-E are considered introductory as no calculator is needed for these papers. But calculator is allowed for the rest of five papers from F-J as the level of questions increases from introductory.

Let’s prepare for mathematics assessment

You should start your ICAS maths paper preparation with sample questions and test papers of past years. Luckily these papers are easily available on the web and they can be downloaded for free. Study a few question papers in starting and then get back to your preparation.

Step One: Collect all your knowledge on the five mathematics streams and start solving a sample paper. It is home assessment of your knowledge hence there should be no looking back to your books and guides.

Step Two: Check your performance and rate your ability to pass the test. The home assessment would give you a better idea on your present knowledge and need for improvement. Start working on the areas you need to improve and again test your strength by solving ICAS maths past paper.

Step Three: Repeat the steps again and again until you achieve 100% score in home assessment. If you can achieve 100% marks in past year test papers, you will have the confidence to do well in the real assessment.

A word of caution for ICAS Mathematics aspirants

You should avoid mistaking the ICAS Mathematics as an academic exam. It is an assessment of your knowledge in maths hence making quick notes or repeating formulas would be of little help. Your entire focus should be on improving knowledge.

Would books help in preparation for ICAS Mathematics assessment?

ICAS Mathematics study material is available in market but time management and correct home assessment is more important than studying from books. You should first recollect your knowledge on the given streams before diving into a voluminous book.

Correct study of ICAS maths past paper will give you an insight into the question patterns and once you understand a problem, you can easily find the correct answer from multiple choice answers. Reading from books would enhance your knowledge but how you apply that knowledge is up to you. In mathematics, it is only practice that works.

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