How Can The Students Develop ICAS Exam Skills?

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What Skills Do Students Need To Pass ICAS Test? 

ICAS Exam Australia is an independent skill-based assessment program for primary and secondary school students. Conducted in over 20 countries including Australia, ICAS has different levels like A, B, C and D to coincide with the school education of children. In Australia and New Zealand, the exam is for students of 3-13 years and for the rest of the countries the level is 2-12 years.

Highlights of the assessment test:

  • It is a skill based assessment that determines the skills of students instead of their academic knowledge
  • Top performing students are awarded certificates and medals for their performance
  • The ICAS Exam NSW results remain independent of the academic study of the students
  • Students can participate in the assessment only through their schools

Who writes the test paper?

Since it is an assessment test, the paper is so prepared that it remains relevant to the classroom studies. A team of experienced classroom teachers and subject matter experts write questions and an external panel of experts verifies the relevancy of the question paper with present classroom studies. It is only when both the panels agree to a set of questions that a test paper is finalized.

What is the preparation advice for students?

According to experts, no formal preparation is needed for the assessment as it is different from academic exams. You can never answer an ICAS question using your academic knowledge but you can easily write an entire paper with the skills with which you take academic education. If you can recognize your skills, you can pass the exam with flying colors.

What are the skills of students?

Your ability to read and understand the topics are the skills that will help in the ICAS Exam. When you study in a classroom, you focus on what is taught and you try understanding the subject with whatever you read or listen. If you are good at reading/listening, you can do better in classroom education.

In ICAS Exam, need to understand questions by reading. You can practice reading past questions at home and see how much you understand. If you want, you can hire a private tutor that will monitor your skills and suggest measures to improve the skills.

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