How an online test is more helpful in ICAS English preparation?

The objective of ICAS English is to educate students on reading a wide array of text types and developing a better understanding of different subjects. The reading material is taken from popular short stories; famous novels; plays; poems; letters; interviews; web pages; opinion and comic strips and much more. But topics related to religion, natural disaster and war are kept out of the reading material.

The most important thing to remember with ICAS is that the level of questions increases from Introductory paper to paper J.

Note: ICAS English has 10 papers from A-J. But there is no introductory paper in this subject. Paper A is the first paper.

So how should you prepare the difficult ICAS English Exam?

As a sincere student, you will certainly sharpen your reading comprehension knowledge but all your efforts would be in vain in the absence of a practice tests. You need checking your knowledge while sharpening your language skills.

What could you do to test your ICASknowledge?

Using a set of ICAS English past paper is a great idea to test your knowledge. Previous year papers and sample tests are easily available in market and also these papers can be downloaded in PDF format from websites. But there is a better way to test your skills.

Find an online test that is just like the real ICAS exam. You will have to appear in the sample test and write the answers just like you do in real exam. You will be given a time frame to complete the online test and you will have to write the paper in the given time. Post completion of the exam, you can review your answers before submitting the answer sheet.

The answers will be evaluated and a detailed report printable report on your ICAS English paper preparation provided for your consideration. The report would contain a detailed feedback for each question and how you performed in comparison to others. Also, you can revisit your question responses for a certain time period like seven days to review the questions.

What is the advantage of online ICAS English test paper?

Reading from a book and answering a printed test paper seems easy as you don’t have any pressure of completing the sample test on time. But an online test is controlled by a server that will block you after the test time is over. Also, the answers are evaluated by teachers sitting at a remote location. They provide independent opinion on your ICAS English answers.

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