Holoportation: Is It The New Age Digital Learning Technology?

What’s Next in Digital Learning After VR/AR?

Consider this: Subject matter experts are Holoported into classrooms to give knowledge to the students through digital learning and the latter interact with the experts just like they do with their teachers.

Holoportation is still at its nascent stage but it has opened a new platform for communication that could be used for many purposes including digital learning – RMIT School of Architecture and Urban Design and the Case Western Reserve C level and Clinic already using Holoporation for education.

What is Holoportation?

holoportation technology

Holoportation is a technology of developing a 3D real-time hologram of a user and transporting it to other users. And the users could be in different rooms of a building; in a city, country and continent or anywhere in the globe. The technology will holoport the holograms from one user to another. Microsoft is developing Holoportation as a communication technology.

How Holoportation works?

A video of the technology uploaded by Microsoft gives stunning details of how holograms are created and holoported to places.

The video has a person surrounded by 3D cameras to create a hologram. He communicates with another person with similar settings. The 3D cameras create a hologram of the second person and holoport that to the first person who is seen interacting with the second person in real time. Similarly, the first person interacts with the hologram of her child and also he shows how the hologram can be converted into virtual memory for future use.

How is the Holoportation technology advantageous for education?

The education sector is already using VR/AR technology to impart education. The technology is used to make education more interesting. Teachers create digital learning tools and ask the students to try becoming self-reliant in education with the help of tools. Holoportation would take the digital learning to the level where students can go beyond 3D models. It will be real time classroom education by distant teachers.


VR/AR technology is more like a tool for Digital Learning with the help of 3D images of the study material. It is helpful in understand mathematics, science and other subjects where facts and figures are used. But Holoportation takes digital teaching to next level where teachers can provide classroom education from distant places.

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