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Online tuition isn’t a bad idea as many parents think. Tutors also prefer distance learning and they are ready to educate parents on the advantages of online tuitions. Tutors associated with VProgress, a revolutionary learning platform, have already started answering parents’ queries on social media.

Would my child be comfortable in online learning?

Parents will be surprised to know that children feel more comfort in online learning. They don’t have to physically sit before teachers but they get one-on-one tuition. And they have freedom to unwind between classes without excusing their tutors.

Would my child be able to remember what is taught online?

This is something parents shouldn’t bother about as it is the responsibility of tutors. Parents that are already taking services of VProgress understand it very well. Experienced tutors know how to make online classes more fruitful for students. For example, they use study material that student can save for reference or future study.

Won’t too much online study create pressure on my child?

Distance learning through an online medium makes things more convenient than complicated. VProgress tutors follow child-friendly ways of teaching. For example, they take online tests with objective type questions to allow students give short answers to even lengthy questions.

Won’t online tuition interfere with regular activities of my child?

VProgress tutors allow maximum flexibility in choosing the right time for tuition. Also, they are ready to reschedule and customize classes to help students. For example, children busy with some other work could request for short classes or reschedule the classes for a convenient time.

Would online interaction be as humane as physical?

Habitual of welcoming private teachers at their homes, many parents are averse to the idea of saying hello to online tutors. But little do they know that when it comes to interaction, online medium is more humane than the physical. And VProgress tutors have set high standards of communication with parents and students.

Would I need spending more on computer for online learning of my child?

VProgress tutors make no such demand for buying specific machines or software. They use computer only as a medium of communication and try giving their best with online study material like PDF files, screenshots and website links. But children are free to buy the best laptops with powerful batteries and more disc space for saving bulky files.

How do I know that online tuition is affordable?

When you hire a VProgress tutor, you get an assurance of 24×7 help over a chosen online medium. Your child will get regular classes with the liberty of choosing the right time. In short, online tutor will stay connected to your child all the time but you can’t expect this relation with a private tutor that visits your home.

Final words….

Responsibilities of online tutors are much bigger than that of their traditional counterparts. And VProgress tutors are always ready to work an extra hour to fulfill their responsibilities. If you are a tutor from VProgress, you can rest assured that you will get maximum return on your monetary investment.

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