Guarantee A Successful College Career With Better Study Habits

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VProgress advises students to maintain good study habits as these habits can help in making a successful college career. It is like a guarantee to success.

So, what are better study habits

1. The first thing is to know your learning style like some students learn fast with reading and writing while others are visual learners like they perceive diagrams, graphics, color-coding and videos well.

2. Once you recognize your learning style, you should look for ways to improve your performance. For example, if you are a visual learner, you can mark important points in your notebook. And if you learn well by reading and writing, you can read some extra material.

3. Set regular study time and adhere to that time. If you take tuition, you won’t have any difficulty in setting a study time. The tuition hour will become your regular study time.

4. Eliminate distractions like checking emails, reading text and chat messages and attending to phone calls. Stop doing things that are distracting at least during study hour.

5. Maintain a study planner to set proprieties and deadlines. And try meeting deadlines while respecting the proprieties. Here a tutor can help. He will make your study planner and make sure you follow the planner.

6. Make more useful notes with the help of friends that are good in studies, by reading extra material or with the help of your tutor, if you take tuition.

7. Expand class lessons with extra study material like videos, discussions and lectures. You can ask your seniors for their notes or search relevant books in library. And if you take tuition, you can look at your tutor for help.

8. Test your strength with mock exams. You can buy test papers or download sample tests from the web. But you don’t have to worry about mock tests, if you take tuition.

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