Federal Government Is Watching University Students

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There is a bigger reason for students to be aware about their performance as the government seems determined to reign in the students with poor performance in half of their first-year courses.

August 13 federal government proposal for university students

Some students enroll in multiple courses and sometimes at different institutions but they end up amassing huge debts. They take a load of study but can’t complete, and, at the end, are left with no qualifications but huge debts to repay.

The proposal is to check performance of students and list those that fail half of their first eight subjects in a course. These students won’t be at the disadvantage of a government-subsidized place and Help loans. Also, universities are told to assess academic suitability for their courses and closely monitor students’ progress.


But Grattan Institute research says that nearly 6% of university students failed every subject in their first year.

While there could be convincing reasons behind students failing in their studies but lack of proper tuition is certainly a big reason. Here VProgress adds its findings to this news report. None of the students taking tuition from VProgress has ever failed in any of his/her subjects.

The government could be looking at the education sector from a political and economical angle but students should look at the news from individual viewpoint.

What is the reason for enrolling in multiple courses when you can’t complete them?

When you want to do well in your studies then you should be serious about it. You are confident enough to complete multiple courses but just having confidence isn’t sufficient to manage your studies. It is where VProgress can help.

Tuition isn’t just service but a tool. When you have an experienced tutor to help, you can count on the tutor for many things like preparing a study plan, monitoring progress and getting quick tips. With a tutor backing your studies, you can run with full speed and complete your courses on time.

VProgress allows total freedom of selecting from leading tutors and scheduling your study timings. Tuitions will be online that you can take from anywhere and anytime. All you need to take an online class is a laptop and high-speed broadband.

This piece of news tells many things about students. It tells that the government wants the students to be serious about their studies. Here the federal government wants to act as a tutor. It doesn’t want students to amass huge debts but to earn degrees.

VProgress is here to help students with their studies. You need a guide or, rather, a mentor that can assess your performance and help in achieving your academic goals. Online tuition will cost you a price but it is better to pay a price for education than to struggle with debts.

Turn to VProgress for help, if you don’t want to be one who’s out of the government’s list of students who are eligible for federal help. Put your focus on your studies instead of worrying about your debts.

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