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English is international language; it is the lingo of the business community, political class and educational institutions. All universities and colleges of international repute use English for teaching. Also, there are English medium schools that prepare students for higher studies in foreign universities.

English teaching starts at the kindergarten where students are introduced to letters.

The four pillars of English are:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Listening

The English subject is divided into four parts for convenience of study

Grammar: It is the heart and soul of English. Grammar tells making meaningful sentences by correct use of subject, verb and object. It is the most technical part of the language.

Vocabulary Development: A good vocabulary is needed to use the power of words to make strong sentences. The grammar is the technical part of language and vocabulary is its functional part.

Reading Comprehension: Knowledge of grammar and a strong vocabulary should help in reading literature. Reading helps in getting ideas and learning style of writing. Comprehension develops a quick understanding of text matter.

Essay Writing: Together grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension help in producing interesting literature including textbooks, stories, novels, plays, articles and blogs and everything.

Learn English with private home tuition

The bigger objective of English learning is to master all the pillars of the language. And it is possible only when you study all the topics sincerely. You need mastery on the international language for higher studies, job and career. We’ve a home tutor English for you and we’ve checked his credentials and background for your convenience.

Professional English tutors for home study

All our English teachers are highly learned and experienced in teaching school as well as college students. They teach grammar to school students; improve comprehension of college students and prepare graduates and post graduates for competitive exams where English is a must.

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We’ve selected the best English tutors for providing home tuitions and all our teachers pass a strict background check that includes checking their academic qualifications and work experience. We recommend only a selected few that we trust. We follow a very strict selection process for teachers.

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Your experienced English tutor Sydney would start teaching with an assessment test where the teacher would assess your knowledge of English. He will continue assessing your English knowledge with weekly tests. We take responsibility for quality education as we have full faith over our able private teachers.