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An essay is a piece of writing but it serves a definitive purpose reflected in its writing style.

Technically an essay is divided into two categories – Formal and Informal.

Formal Essays: These writings are more serious in nature as they serve the purpose of information and education. They are mostly related to organizations.

Informal Essays: These writings are very personal in nature as they are more into self-revelation and individual tastes and personal experiences. They are characterized with graceful style that makes reading the essays more interesting.

Writing styles of essay

The personal and autobiographical: The essayists use fragmented style to write autobiographies. They use anecdotes to describe interesting events.

The objective and factual: The essayists direct attention of readers towards literary work, scientific inventions or political themes. The essays are about passing judgements and drawing conclusions.

The abstract-universal: The essayists write on abstract topics in which they talk at length about worldly things. The essays are made interesting by inserting quotes and giving examples.


An essayist possesses great command over language and a very strong vocabulary. Also, essayists are avid readers and researchers. They start writing only after doing intense search on essays.

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