What to consider for English comprehension skills?

What are the challenges in English comprehension?

Reading comprehension is the ability to comprehend what is said and it is the most important of all aspects of English learning. A well-developed comprehension skill helps in quick reading and complete understanding of the text matter but comprehension is the most difficult skill to master.

Comprehension skills:

  • Summarizing the text matter
  • Sequence the matter
  • Comparing words
  • Relating matching words
  • Self-questioning
  • Problem-solving
  • Rational thinking
  • Making conclusions
  • Giving opinion
  • Distinguishing facts

The aforementioned 10 skills are very important for developing comprehension skill. But it needs lots of efforts and time.

The two things that constitute comprehension skill are:

  • Ability to recognize words
  • Making meaningful sentences

The focus of English comprehension remains on the development of vocabulary for quick recognition and basic grammar for making meaningful sentences with good structuring.

Reading comprehension of the English language is the most basic skill for learning as without developing comprehension skill, students can’t do well in any subject. They won’t be able to understand the text matter and face difficulties in understanding other subjects.English comprehension is also important because it is asked in competitive exams.

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