Do You Take Long Breaks Between Study?

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VProgress suggests short breaks when you are gearing up for long hours of study. But you should be careful about the duration of a break. An idea break is one that rids you of fatigue and keeps you motivated to get back to your studies.

Importance of breaks between studies

A break can prevent the study fatigue from setting in when you want to sit for long hours. It will be a mechanical break for your eyes, mind and the entire body that requires a change of setting between long hours of sitting.

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Ideal time for a study break

It depends on your needs but it is better to take a break every time you start a new chapter or even a topic. And if you are studying a long chapter or topic, you can divide the content for convenience and take a break when starting a new part.

Ideal time of a study break

A fifteen-minute break is sufficient but it can be extended up to 20 or 25 minutes but in any case, it shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes because lengthy breaks could demotivate and discourage from going back to your studies. Keep your study breaks small but you can include several breaks to remove pressure from your body and mind.

Things to do during study breaks

Take a power nap to rejuvenate your tired body and mind. Or you can take a short refreshing walk in the open. Also, you can talk to a friend or spend some time with your siblings or parents.

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