Do You Make These Silly Mistakes?

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“To err is human” is common but it doesn’t apply to students. Or it will be better to say that it isn’t expected from students to do mistakes or at least those that could affect their performance. 

If you make the following mistakes then you shouldn’t blame it on human nature but your personal nature.

Note down the silly mistakes you, as a student, shouldn’t make

Do you procrastinate….

If you are into the habit of delaying your homework and assignments until the last minute then you will always find yourself struggling to complete the given task on time. Also, you will overlook small errors like punctuation and spelling mistakes just to complete the job. 

Do you a fixed mindset….

“I can’t do this job” …. if you hear these words often then you are a person of a fixed mindset and you will waste a lot of time and energy on convincing yourself that you can do the given task. It is only a mindset that you need changing.


Do you remain unorganised….

You’ve a lot of things to do – your homework, assignment and test preparation – but you don’t know how to start. You can’t find the homework in your diary and you’ve missed the assignment sheet and you don’t have any idea on how to start preparations for exams. Get organized ASAP.

Do you freak out on homework and assignments….

If yes then it could be due to your habit of procrastinating tasks and remaining unorganized most of the times. When you have homework and assignments to do, you should first finish those jobs instead of getting involved on other jobs.

Do you eat too much unprocessed food….

Just like scratching eases itching, eating eases anxiety. When you become anxious about your time and work, you go on eating potato chips, toffees and burgers. It is unprocessed food hence not good for your health including mental health. You should eat health to remain fit from body as well as mind.

Do you remain seated at one place….

Not moving enough isn’t good for your body including eyes and mind. Your eyes would get fixed at one place and your mind will stop getting new ideas. It is necessary to take relaxing breaks in-between study but these breaks shouldn’t be for munching on snacks. 

Do you give the right answer for every question….

Homework has little to do with your score but assignments are important. If you thin that you can take homework lightly and be more alert with assignments and tests then you are wrong. If you are in the habit of leaving questions unanswered in homework then there is no guarantee that you won’t make the same mistake in assignments and tests. 

Do you take enough sleep….

If you are making all the above mistakes then you won’t be able to take sound sleep of 8-10 hours. Your judgement will be impaired and you won’t be able to recall information effectively. You need to be careful about these small mistakes that could play a crucial role in shaping your career.  




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