Do You Ask Questions In Class?

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“The best tutor is one who encourages students to ask questions”, VProgress, a leading tuition platform

Questions open conversations, promote interaction and inspire a deeper intellectual thought. Questions encourage students to engage with their studies. Also, questions facilitate learning through discussions.

Do teachers allow asking questions in class?

Yes, they do but depending on the strength and duration of class teachers can limit time allotted to each student. But it doesn’t mean that students should avoid asking questions. On the contrary, they should go prepared and look for more ways to raise queries related to studies.

Students that take tuitions have an advantage over their peers that do self-study. They can ask questions to their tutors and in this way, get answers to all their queries.

How to start asking questions?

It is only in a private tuition class that you can raise any query and ask for a detailed answer. You can even request repeating answers. Your private tutor will clear your doubts and increase the level of questions by giving detailed answers. 

Advantages of asking questions

  • Knowing you can get answers to all your questions, you will start reading between the lines
  • Asking questions will encourage you to read more to know more especially the unknown topics
  • A short Q&A session is sufficient to revise a lesson or even a course before exams
  • Questions are a great way to shorten learning sessions and become focused on learning
  • Questions could be turned into notes for quick revision during exams
  • Asking questions boosts confidence 
  • The level of questions gives an insight into your knowledge and learning
  • Questions save study time by keeping communication short and focused
  • Questions are like tests. Every time you ask a question you give a test of your knowledge

VProgress advises all students to start asking questions to raise their level of knowledge. Those who take tuition can ask questions to their tutors and others can look for opportunities to ask questions in class.    


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